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With the season of fall right around the corner, it is important to stay safe as the weather starts to change. With a new season comes new hazards to be cautious of and safety measures to be taken. Read on for our tips on how to stay safe this fall and help prevent an accident.

Change the Batteries in your Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As the weather gets colder and Thanksgiving gets closer, fires can happen more often in homes during the fall. This is because people cook and use indoor fireplaces more during this time. It is easy to forget about your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors when they do not go off as often. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries in your alarms when you reset your clocks for daylight savings. After you replace the batteries, you should test the alarm to make sure that it is working properly. To test it, press and hold the test button on the smoke detector. When you press the button, the smoke detector will make a very loud and high-pitched sound to warn you of danger.  

Use Caution when Climbing Ladders

With the fall season, comes a lot of fall jobs such as cleaning gutters or preparing for winter by hanging holiday decorations. It is always important to be cautious when using a ladder. Here are a few tips for using a ladder this season:  

  • Be mindful of your shoes or boots, they may be wet and could cause you to slip and fall.
  • Always face the ladder when ascending or descending
  • Always use at least one hand to hold on to the ladder and try to avoid carrying a large or heavy object up the ladder
  • The top rung of the ladder is not a step
  • Never move a ladder while someone is using it
  • Only one person should occupy a ladder at a time

Keep your Driveway and Walkway Clear of Fallen Leaves

The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground, creating piles all around us. Clearing the leaves from your driveway or walkway is important, even though raking isn’t much fun. When it rains, they can get very slippery and can cause someone to slip and fall. For your safety, and the safety of your loved ones and neighbors, be sure to have them removed.  

Home Fire Extinguishers

It is important to make sure your fire extinguisher works right, in case you ever need to use it. To find out when you need to replace a fire extinguisher, look at its label or ask the company that made it about how long it lasts. Also, look at the pressure gauge. If you are renting and unsure about the extinguisher’s age, these steps will help you determine if it is still effective. Here are 3 additional tips we found to ensure your fire extinguisher will work in case of an emergency.  

  • Check the pressure gauge monthly. If the needle falls inside the green area, you are good to go. But if it falls anywhere else, it is time to replace the extinguisher. If your model is older and does not have a gauge, take it to a professional.  
  • Check the inspection sticker. Make sure that every fire extinguisher has a sticker or tag that shows when it was last checked. It is important to have the extinguisher checked every year to keep it working properly. If the sticker is missing, replace the extinguisher right away with a new one with known history.  
  • Lastly, check for wear and tear. If you see a hose or nozzle that is cracked, ripped, has a missing locking pin, a handle that wobbles or is broken, or any other problems with your fire extinguisher, it means it’s not safe to use. You should buy a new one. 

Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher. It is best to store it in a place near to the kitchen. The most common time for a house fire to occur is while cooking. Depending on the size of your home, it may be recommended to have more than one and store them in other areas of your home.

Always Wear Work Gloves When Doing Outside Yard Work

Fall is the season of yardwork, and it is important that while you are doing so you should be wearing work gloves. It may seem silly but there can be many benefits to them. Wearing gloves can help you hold tools better and protect your hands from getting hurt by chemicals, heat, cuts, and splinters. Even though these may seem like small injuries, they could cause bigger problems by making it harder to use your hands.  

Practice a Family Fire Escape Plan

According to fire safety officials, you have about 1-2 minutes after you hear the fire alarm to escape your home safely. It is important that your family has a plan in place and has practiced it to know that you can get out safely in those 2 minutes. Here are some tips that we recommend in creating your family’s fire escape plan: 

  • First, draw a map. It can be helpful to get a picture of your house and draw out escape routes and all your home’s exit points.  
  • Establish a place to meet when safe. Make sure everyone agrees on a meeting spot. This way, firefighters won’t think someone is still inside the building when they are not.  
  • Know fire safety techniques. To keep your family safe during a fire, teach everyone, including kids who might be alone, how to escape. Here are some additional tips:  
  • To stay safe, remember to check if the next room is safe by touching the door surface first with the back of your hand. Next touch the doorknob if the door is not hot.  
  • When escaping a smokey room stay close to the floor and crawl  
  • If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, and roll on the ground.  
  • Lastly, know to never, under any circumstances, go back into the burning building. Wait for the Firefighters to arrive and let them do their job.  
  • Run a fire escape plan at least twice a year. Make sure that everyone in the home is present and go over the fire safety rules.  

    How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

    We hope that you stay safe this fall, but sometimes injuries happen, and we are here to help when they do. The personal injury team at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. is here to help you with your claim and get the compensation that you deserve. To discuss the details of your particular situation, contact us at 800-242-2874 today.