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Bicycle safety

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Wisconsin

Bicycle accidents can be harrowing and frequently involve serious injury when cars or trucks are involved. Contact the attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier today to speak with a qualified member of our legal team and discuss the details of your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Injured in a Bicycle Accident?

If you or someone you know has been injured on a bicycle because of a reckless or negligent driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.  Our bicycle accident attorneys understand that the injuries associated with car accidents can be expensive, so we are dedicated to helping our clients earn compensation for accidents which are not their fault.


From common accidents to the most complex cases, Habush’s winning track record will translate to the most compensation possible for your injury. We don’t settle for less, because your future deserves the number that’s right.

1.375 M

1.375 million to a woman who suffered an ankle and foot fracture in a motor vehicle crash

$1.25 M

$1.25 million settlement for a first-year associate at a law firm who was hit by a car while biking. He injured his facial bones, eye, shoulder, and back. Medical bills totaled $108,000. The case was in litigation and settled for the insurance policy limit of $1,250,000.00.  Part of the settlement addressed the client’s loss of future earning capacity.

$7 M

$7 million to a man who was paralyzed by a defective bicycle

0 results.

Client Testimonials

OUTSTANDING is the One word that sums up working with Attorney Joseph Troy and the Habush, Habush and Rottier office in Appleton WI. My personal injury case involved a man in a hurry backing out of his driveway right in front of me as I’m riding on my bike. Needless to say this was a complicated case that involved two insurance companies, Medicare, and other parties. Joe and his team took care of every detail and were always available when needed. I highly recommend them. These are the only people I would use. Thanks again Joseph Troy and the entire Habush, Habush & Rottier team!

Former Client Appleton
Attorney Joseph M. Troy Appleton Office Green Bay Office

I was initially hesitant to move forward with a hired attorney for and unfortunate bicycle accident. From the initial meeting until our final settlement Ed and his entire team did a phenomenal job every step along the way. Ed has a great gift of being able to deliver complicated laws and processes in the most detailed or simplistic manner you choose. He was never “pushy” towards us choosing a particular route; he got us the facts we needed to make a very educated decision that ultimately I feel was a swift and acceptable result. Another quality Ed has is to make sure your significant other is also comfortable throughout the process. This was very important to me because these are critical decision making moments in a couples life and he always made a point to ask if my wife was happy with the communication, results, and service. I would HIGHLY recommend Ed as an attorney for anyone interested in having honest and steadfast communication and service. JOB WELL DONE!!

Former Client Green Bay
Attorney Edward J. Vopal Green Bay Office Appleton Office

Since I grew up a block away from Steve, I decided to work with him over three years ago on my personal injury case involving a bicycle accident. I had an exceptional experience with Steve and his team. He was more than I ever could expect in a lawyer. Steve always let me know what was going on and was upfront about all the details of my case. He was extremely dependable and well-versed is what would occur. I would recommend Steve to anyone who might be in need of a personal injury lawyer.

Craig Racine
Attorney Steven T. Botzau Racine Office Kenosha Office Lake Geneva Office

Why Choose Habush For Your Bicycle Accident Case

No matter the case, no other firm is better at recovering what you deserve. Insurance companies know that Habush can and will do what it takes to get you justice. That means getting you the right compensation for your injury.

Billions Recovered

Over the last 90 years our firm has recovered billions of dollars in compensation for our clients, more than all other Wisconsin firms combined.

No Upfront Fees

Gain confidence in your case with our board-certified personal injury attorneys.

Certified Trial Lawyers

We have more National Board of Trial Advocacy certified trial lawyers than any other firm in Wisconsin.